Lots of space to play

Faranghe! does not have an animation team but there is room to play. The road to the campsite is only for local traffic, so no passing traffic. There is a place where you can build huts. You can get started with our nails and hammer and under the supervision of your parents. Check the page with workshops & excursions to see which fun things we organize. Or organize something yourself. A game on the tennis table? We supply the bats and balls. On the terrace, the old hay barn, you can play a game from the toy box with friends from the campsite. Or just quietly read a book. There is WIFI on the terrace so you can access the internet with your tablet.

Enjoy swimming in the pool….

At the campsite you can play swimming in the pool, but maybe your father and mother will take you for a day to Eldorado with a longest slide of Europe. Or swim in the lake where are pedal boats and canoes. Have you ever heard of GEOcachen? That is treasure hunting with a computer and you can do it with a GPS on your father or mother's phone. You can also hike and clamber to the hermitage where San Cataldo. Cataldo has been canonized for holding back the mountain and thus protecting the village of Esantoglia from an avalanche.

Fun things to do together with your parents

The town of Fabriano has a paper museum where you can make your own paper the old-fashioned way. And in the basilica they have a fresco of Saint Nicholas handing out presents. If you are going to Gubbio for a day, you can take the basket lift to the highest point of the city. There is someone lying in a glass box! You can also visit one of the many castles. What do you know about knights and ladies and can you learn about the living in the Medieval?

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