Living history & museums

  Beautiful cities in the region, such as Ancona, the port city, Fabriano the paper city, Tolentino, the city with the richly painted basilica, Matelica with a museum with old living rooms, Esanatoglia, with the foundling hatch in the church, Gubbio with cable car across the beautiful city . And much, much more!

Festivals & sagre

  Each self-respecting city has sagras and palios. The spring has festivities with beautiful names like the sagra of the frog, the sagra of the goose, the sagra of the pizza, the palio of the sword of the palio of the towers. The summer is for music lovers. Find the blues festival at beautiful locations such as in front of the castle in Gagliole. The jazz festival in Perugia has performances in every street. The opera festival in the open-air theater Sferisterio. The lesser known theater buffa, the operetta Pergolesi festival in Jesi. Or the famous yearly Rossini festival in Pesaro. Much, much more you can find in our event calendar and for actualities at our facebook page.

Specialties from the region & good food

  Every day you will find a market for your everyday groceries and special souvenirs, such as on Wednesdays you will find a small market in Esanatoglia, on Thursdays a larger one in Matelica, on Fridays in Castelraimondo. You can find the annual fairs in our event calendar. In Fabriano and Matelica you will find covered markets with the specialties of the region. We have listed the special addresses for you of producers with particular goods. And of course the nicest restaurants where the food tastes delicious.

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